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 PVP Sailing Glitch

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Pepe LePewe

Pepe LePewe

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PostSubject: PVP Sailing Glitch   Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:56 am

Call me stupid. OK, short, stinky, and stupid. In sailing PVP I am finding more and more ships that can't be sunk. When you broadside them they show no damage. And you can't get a damage barometer to pop up on them. Am I missing a glitch here? I cornered a guy last night that was invicible at sailing pvp, he denied any secret........I suspect different. If you know it please share. Me thinks there is shenanighans about......Pepe pirat
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Mr. Firemonger

Mr. Firemonger

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PostSubject: Re: PVP Sailing Glitch   Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:26 pm

pepe did u look at your map was his ship color blue or red
because i used to start on the side i wanted to fight, then drive and port at other island that i wanted to fight for... After that i could sneak up behind guys that used there map key to see on coming ships, to them i turned up on their side on their map but low and behold i was in desguise muah ha ha.... lol i dont know if that ment they couldnt hit me but bye the time they realized it was the other flag over my baby sloop it was too late..... alot of the big war ships never even knew it was me shooting them cause i parked right on their rear and hid... dont know if this is what is happening to you but its a thought
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PostSubject: Re: PVP Sailing Glitch   Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:20 pm

ok here's my pvp glitch knowledge:

to repair while sailing: someone other than captain takes over wheel, captain takes wheel back. as long as capt stays on the wheel, the ship can be repaired by others while sailing. it will still sink if the ship's getting attacked by multiple other ships, but it's a huge advantage for sure one-on-one.

repairing multiple holes simultaneously: if u have no crew or a small one, this is handy. you start repairing one hole, switch to a weapon, go to another hole, press shift to repair. rinse and repeat with other holes as needed. they will also keep repairing themselves if you go back to the same cannon you were using before. it will start over if you switch cannons.

now have at it for pvp weekend!
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PostSubject: Re: PVP Sailing Glitch   

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PVP Sailing Glitch
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