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 A Great Guild

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Robert Redbeard

Robert Redbeard

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PostSubject: A Great Guild   A Great Guild Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 5:30 pm

I just want to say that I have enjoyed being in this guild tremendously and am glad I found it. I had several other guilds before coming to this one found some big some small. There were a couple bad guilds, and a couple of good guilds, until I came to this one there were no great guilds that I had tried. The whole experience of trying to find a guild made me think about what makes a great guild. Here are some of my opinions and conclusions that I've come to.

In my opinion there is very little that separates a good guild from a great guild. In fact the difference could be one as small as one person or even just two words from 3 or 4 members.

Bad guilds abound in the POTC realm. They are usually small, filled with disrespectful punk kids, usually led by a disrespectful punk kid. In essence "Attitude reflects leadership." I joined one or two of these and dropped out within 5 minutes. These guilds can also only contain about 5 people none of whom are on when you are on, dropped out of one or two of these after a week.

A good guild is just that, it is a good guild... there are people on line... people aren't disrespectful... usually a good guild has some chatter on the guild channel, not a lot but enough to remind you that you are in a guild. You don't know anyone... and occasionally people respond to you when you ask for help or a question. When you join, you are part of the guild, you may get announced, usually no one will welcome you to the guild... or only one or two people. no one drops in to say hi. you are just part of the guild.

A great guild is defined (in my opinion) by the actions of the members.

Things that make us a 'great' guild. When we bring someone in, they are announced... "Please welcome Robert Redbeard to the guild." what sets us apart from the others... several people tell you, hello and welcome to the guild. People will drop in and say hi. I was shocked when I was introduced, i think I counted 3 or 4 people that just popped in. This was an excellent start for me. The second day in the guild, I must admit I was concerened... no one from my Kingsrun was on and I kind of wandered around by myself not really feeling part of the guild. A day or two later Little Mother came on and took me under her wing and since then we've been nearly inseparable. Since then i've gotten to know more people... helped here and there and am hopefully becoming a valuable member. Also the willingness of Officers to stop what they are doing and help out in a pinch or to have someone join the guild. You Officers lead by example, thank you.

Little things make the difference... don't hesitate to go hang out with the new pirates... the guild will be stronger... and better for all of us.

Oh yeah... I love when I come on line and get 3 or 4 people saying hi!

Again thank you all for making me feel welcome and I shall endeavor to follow your examples.

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Mr. Firemonger

Mr. Firemonger

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PostSubject: Re: A Great Guild   A Great Guild Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 4:10 am

robert, for the guild members that have been here since the beginning we thanks you for your remarks, its always nice to hear we are doing something right and we take pride in making our guild one that is remembered and respectful. We all work hard at making it the best possible we can. It was our goal from the begginning to make a guild where every member was welcomed whether you were new to the game or a high level player. Hopefully we can continue our great traditions and make this guild number one. But without all you great members our guild wouldnt be much at all.
so we thank you for staying with us and giving us great memories

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Johnny Seafury

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PostSubject: Re: A Great Guild   A Great Guild Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 10:30 am

Just wanted to throw my two cents in on this one....I too went through a few other guilds before I finally ended up in the Warriors, and had much the same experience. This is my first MMO, and I nearly gave up on it before I found a GREAT guild, but the Warriors turned the whole game around for me. Thanks to everyone who has helped me, befriended me, and in general made this game fun!!!! cheers
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Tha Filth

Tha Filth

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Location : Dirt Town, Arizona

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PostSubject: Re: A Great Guild   A Great Guild Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 1:44 pm

I couldn't agree with Redbeard more. I am in love with my guild. From day one everyone on here, new and old, has been awesome. Not only are all the guild members awesome, but the officers run it well. It is a well oiled machine and everyone here does a part to keep it that way. God we are awesome! Twisted Evil
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Jane Maida

Jane Maida

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PostSubject: Re: A Great Guild   A Great Guild Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2008 3:31 am

Robert I know exactly what you are talking about. This guild is seriously so amazing. As Robert knows I had given up on guilds entirely and although the game was still fun it wasn't that great. Then Robert found me wandering one day and spent i think a good 20 minutes convincing me to give thsi guild a try. I am so glad I took him up on the advice. Like others have said this guild changed the whole game for me for the better. Every free moment I have I am looking to play. It's nice to know that there are always people there to do things with you and to help you and for you to help. I mean I went from playing every second day maybe and always by myself to playing probably more than once a day and hardly ever alone. It's just nice to know that you are not alone like Robert said. When you sign on someone is always there to say hello and the same with when you are leaving. Thanks everyone. Especially Robert for coercing me into this guild and him and mother and Elise for always being around so I don't have to go lonely Razz And the super helpful and often entertaining officers and members
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Guild   A Great Guild Icon_minitime

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A Great Guild
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